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“To give real service, you must add something which cannot be bought or measured with money, and that is sincerity and integrity.”
Douglas Adams, author of 'The Ultimate Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy"

If not for Nancy, I would still be painfully struggling at a time already marked by my mother’s passing. My sense of relief and appreciation for Nancy’s service was tremendous. Thank you, Nancy, not only for sticking with and helping me when you didn’t have to, but for embodying the qualities that brand an honorable business. Now that I am at the end of emptying my mom’s house, your help should end as well. But it won’t. I will carry with me my experience with House of Rose Antiques as I move forward into my own entrepreneurial journey. The lessons you gave me about real service, sincerity, and integrity will be the bright stars and enduring inspiration along my path. Read Full Review
Dana M., November 2016, Client

Nancy and her team at House of Rose were the only estate sale professionals we seriously considered, based on positive and trusted references and the reputation House of Rose enjoys as "the best in the business." Our trust was entirely justified and rewarded. Nancy is honest, reliable, dedicated to her clients and she is the most hard-working person I have met in the antiques and estate sale field. She handled our challenging collection, which filled eighteen rooms, with talent, initiative, integrity and, most importantly, she delivered outstanding results. As they say, "She is the best."

Richard E., Client

Nancy is the only person in the estate sale business that I tell referrals you can give her the keys and not come back til it’s time to collect your money.
David Orenstein, New Scotland Antiques

It's true what people say - "Nancy runs the best estate sale in the city." She is so organized, neat and a pleasure to have in the house and also a very smart business woman. I thank you for making an unpleasant task so worth while.
Bea Rockowitz, Client

Nancy is one of the few people that runs a totally honest estate sale. She does not let anyone in to shop early and does not put stickers over a chip or other damage. I try to always shop at her sales.
Barbara Milano, Customer

For me, Nancy struck the perfect balance, between treating my concerns and her customers' concerns with respect. No small feat in today's world. I had nothing to compare it to when she started, but I can't imagine a better result. I whole heartedly recommend Nancy!

Ron Eddo, Client

Nancy is a pleasure to work with and there is such a peace of mind that the job will be done to the highest standards.
Michael Pomidoro, Client

We were amazed at the estate sale process. We watched from the beginning to the last day. Nancy was extremely knowledgeable about the items. She turned the estate sale into a work of art, constantly tweaking and adjusting things from day to day. It was fun and impressive to watch!
H.T. Albany, Client

She’s truly a wonder - with the way she works she should be the size of a toothpick. Simply a whirlwind of efficiency in action.
Jennifer Drue, Admiring Daughter

Nancy was wonderful to work with. She priced items reasonable and knew her items. We were very happy with the sale and the clean-out. Nancy is very trust worthy and I felt very comfortable having her work in our house.
Bill Phelps, Client

Just wanted you to know how thankful I am that I found you in my time of loss.  Your knowledge and kindness helped me through the first sales.
Bonnie Jean, Client

We were truly fortunate to have had Nancy conduct our estate sale. With Nancy's help, we were able to get through a very stressful time with ease. She is truly organized and got us top dollar. We would not have gotten a third of what she got for our items. Thanks again Nancy.
Deborah & John Dick, Client

We found Nancy and her staff a pleasure to work with.  The estate was handled with skill and expertise beyond our expectations.  The advertising, security and traffic flow were all wonderfully effective.  I highly recommend the House of Rose for Estate Sales. 
Pastor David Moore, Client

We were extremely pleased with Nancy's professionalism, efficiency and flexibility. We know she worked for us and as a result the sale was extremely successful.
Cora & Grace
, Client

We both enjoy Nancy's "Estate Sales" as everything is fairly priced and organized. An excellent way to obtain "Upgrades" to needed items at reasonable prices, and also to spend an enjoyable morning!
Ken & Charlene, Customer

We would highly recommend House of Rose to anyone liquidating an estate. House of Rose Antiques performed a total start to finish "turn key" service. Once they showed up, you just waited for your check with no involvement on your part required. We never could have done this so easily and successfully on our own. House of Rose exceeded all our expectations in an efficient and professional manner. 
H. Wilson, Client

We would very highly recommend House of Rose and have already "spread the word" at how pleased we are! When I found out about the narrow time span for closing date, "I freaked out", but God planted Nancy in our path.  We've been sharing with everyone about the super job Nancy did on the sale and what an awesome person she is with the calm, confident, encouragement she gave to us.  We are so glad that our paths crossed along our life's journey.
C. Relyea, Client

House of Rose Antiques is efficient, careful and fair when being sensitive to the seller's needs.
S. D. Saratoga, Client

I recently needed to sell my 95 year old mother's furnishings and cherished possessions. I worked with Nancy of House of Rose Antiques. She knows her business, is a true professional, a pricing master, trustworthy and supplies a wealth of useful information. She helped me through a stressful time with sensitivity and respect for my family's history. Nancy got the job done quickly and profitably. Many Thanks!
Syma Tabachneck, Client

Having Nancy come in and handle the sale was a Godsend. She is a consummate professional and a pleasure to deal with.
Beth O., Client

Nancy guided me through the process from start to finish and pretty much ran the show with little involvement from me. This was helpful, especially since I live out of state. She has a really good reputation in the "estate sale" community and I can see why. I appreciate Nancy's continued help even after the sale was over. It was truly a pleasure to work with Nancy.
Kirk Oney, Client

Nancy's confidence and calmness put me at ease. I was overwhelmed with the quantity and variety of items at the house. I appreciate and respect her years of experience with antiques and estate sales. I knew we were in good hands. The entire experience and outcome was beyond our expectations.
Nancy & Dick, Client

My experience with Nancy and House of Rose Antiques was excellent. Right from the beginning everything was spelled out on how it would be handled and what to expect. She evaluated the situation and suggested the best way to handle our sale. Nancy and her staff took care of all aspects of the sale including setting up the house, pricing all the items and advertising the sale. When the sale was over, I was very pleased with what was sold and the prices that she got for our items....she sold just about everything we had! I would definitely recommend Nancy Toomer and House of Rose Antiques for anyone who is planning on having an estate sale!
Leo Kazanjian, Client

Nancy did a very professional job. She was organized, experienced, and efficient. I was out of town, so I had to rely on her, and she came through. She even sold the car. Her reputation for honesty has certainly been earned.
J. Welch, Client

House of Rose Antiques showed sensitivity and respect in the handling of my aunt's estate. Will highly recommend her to others! Produced great results in advertising and exceeded expectations.
Penny V., Client

Nancy, I can't thank you enough for the great service you provided. Everyone was right, "you are the best".
Mark L., Client

The total experience was excellent!
J. Kunker, Client

From the first meeting to our last encounter, I found Nancy to be extremely honest, knowledgeable, and trustworthy. Nancy really "knows her stuff"! I would recommend House of Rose Antiques without hesitation.
Barbara W., Client

While the thought of having an Estate Sale for my parents’ house was overwhelming, Nancy reassured us and took charge in a very professional and caring way. She was knowledgeable and spent countless hours preparing for the sale. We’re very pleased with the results.
JG, Client

Our expectations were high and they were exceeded. Nancy Toomer is truly an experienced and competent professional. We were very impressed!
Frank U., Client

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