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“To give real service, you must add something which cannot be bought or measured with money, and that is sincerity and integrity.”

- Douglas Adams, author of The Ultimate Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

Real service, sincerity, and integrity aren’t items a business can buy along with markers, boxes and tape. The sense ofreal service, sincerity, and integrity are born and grow in a customer’s experience and perception while working with a business. For a business to build and maintain a stellar reputation, these perceptions must be earned anew, with every customer. When a customer experiences these rare qualities in an era that values speed and deep discounts, they might feel rather stunned. They have just done business with a Superstar!

Nancy at House of Rose Antiques is a Superstar. I found her via a recommendation as I was struggling to take care of mother’s estate furniture and valuables. My mom’s house had sold so quickly that my deadline for handling the contents was a big challenge. I had already tried working with someone else and had been swindled so I was expecting the worst when I called Nancy but I hoped her schedule had an immediate opening for a quick estate sale. It didn’t. That could have been the end of it with Nancy. But it wasn’t.

Nancy took the time to explain and weigh my other options with me. I learned a lot. I was grateful for the information and resigned myself to slogging through my stress and moving on. Then Nancy said and did something I will never forget. She said that she had built a solid and trusted reputation for her business and that it meant everything to her to keep it strong. She explained that she knew of others who might be able to help me on short notice. She said she felt confident recommending others because she knew from personal experience that they were trustworthy and reliable. Buoyed by her confidence and guidance, I contacted her recommended buyer. That could have been the end of it with Nancy. But it wasn’t. I hit further snags related to my short deadline, but Nancy continued to support and guide me and the buyer worked with me until everything was out of the house.

If not for Nancy’s sincere, caring guidance for a person she had never met, and the integrity of her business and personal values which persisted even though payment went to someone else—if not for Nancy—I would still be painfully struggling at a time already marked by my mother’s passing. My sense of relief and appreciation for Nancy’s service was tremendous.

Thank you, Nancy, not only for sticking with and helping me when you didn’t have to, but for embodying the qualities that brand an honorable business. Now that I am at the end of emptying my mom’s house, your help should end as well. But it won’t. I will carry with me my experience with House of Rose Antiques as I move forward into my own entrepreneurial journey. The lessons you gave me about real service, sincerity, and integrity will be the bright stars and enduring inspiration along my path.

Dana M., November 2016, Client

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